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SCC “Parks For Life Challenge” Poems

From my Poet Laureate pal Jennifer Swanton Brown, comes this challenge:

“Poetry and nature are true companions and have been since the beginning of time. Find a nice shady spot near a stream, or a sunny perch on a mountain top, wander deep into the forest to contemplate the stillness, or just hold hands with your beloved (team member) at your favorite park spot. Read poetry to each other, recite poetry to squirrels and birds (they are very appreciative), read a silly poem with your kids. Read quietly alone or proclaim to a crowd! Ponder the links between the natural world and the written word.”

Here’s how you can participate in Parks for Life through Santa Clara County Parks AND enjoy poetry:

To earn points for this adventure choose one of the poems or books below to honor the long-time relationship between poetry and California nature!

  • Read a poem out loud and capture it on video
  • Take a photo of your team with the poem or poetry book

For more ideas, check out the Cupertino Poet Laureate blog:

SCC “Parks For Life Challenge” Poems.